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Fast and Professional Roof Repairs

Our roof repair services

My Home Improvements are specialists in roof repairs.

We can expertly fix any roof problem, using top-quality products such as Stratco, Nutech Paints and Bluescope.

Here are just a few examples of the many roof fixes we regularly take care of:

  • Leaking roofs – pinpointing the REAL cause of the roof leak and fixing the problem quickly, before it can do further damage.
  • New roof sheeting– polycarbonate or translucent. For patios, factories and more.
  • Flashings– repairing those that have given way over the years, or were not installed during extensions. These include metal flashings and Wakaflex flashings on tile roofs.
  • Hot water system overflows– as a roof deteriorates over the years, the minerals in the water react with the corrugated iron.
  • Skylights– fixing leaking roofs caused by a loose trim or damaged throat.
  • Roof sealant application – to circumvent future roof leak repairs.
  • Damaged ridge capping– removed and replaced.
  • And many, many more.

My Home Improvements are your trusted Brisbane roofing contractors. We have over 20 years of experience under our belts, so we will always complete your roof repairs quickly and professionally.

No matter what type of roof you have, be it a tile roof or a metal roof, if you have an issue with it, make it our problem.

When it comes to roof repairs, no job is too large or too small for our handpicked team of qualified tradespeople.

Unlike other roofing contractors, our roof plumbers and roof tilers always do the work and never pass it off to an inexperienced roofer.


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Our Roof Repair Process

My Home Improvements have developed a proprietary 3-step Roof Repair Process designed to find and fix all roof problems fast.

Step 1: Detection

It is imperative to find out where the problem is coming from.

Take a leaking roof for example – you may think that the leak is directly above the damaged ceiling which led you to call us in the first place. But this is not necessarily the case; we need to find the EXACT location, so we track down the timbers to the lowest point. This can be particularly challenging with insulation but guessing where the leak is emanating from is NOT an option.

Step 2: Investigation

Once we’ve detected the problem, we must find the CAUSE of the problem.

For instance, is the roof leak the result of corrosion? Movement? An ill-fitting screw on a skylight or solar panel? Or is it due to poor building design, or haphazard construction technique? Our team will get to the root of the problem, so we can fix it once and fix it right. Furthermore, we will look at the roof problem through a ‘builder’s eye’ to see what’s really going on.

Step 3: Remedy

So far, the detection and investigation process is all totally without cost or obligation.

Once we determine the cause of the problem, we will then supply you with a detailed itemised Inspection Report and Quote, complete with your best options spelt out in plain English.

Whatever these options are, we assure you we will never take shortcuts or ‘patch things up’ – you want it fixed and we want it done right.

If you wish, and the roof problem is easy to observe, we’ll invite you to come up on the roof with us to see for yourself what needs to be done. Otherwise, we will bring you photos down so you can understand the issue. Similarly, we will provide you with ‘after’ photos to show you the completed roof repair.

Roof Repair Case Study

A leading Queensland energy retailer (who shall remain nameless) installed a solar panel system on the water carry pans of this Klip Lok roof.

Unfortunately, their installer screwed it badly, causing massive leaks.

My Home Improvements came in, removed the old system and used the proper Klip Lok solar mounting brackets to attach the system to the ribs of the roof sheets.

We then dry pan flashed over their screwed-into areas, ensuring no water ever flows down those channels (pans) again!

Our client’s take on the story…

“One of the large energy retailers installed my solar panels over 6 years ago.

My roof started leaking just after the 5 year mark. The warranty period had finished.

I engaged 3 independent roofers who all claimed the solar had been incorrectly installed. The retailer did not accept any responsibility, nor the insurer.

The next challenge was to find a company that could repair my roof and refit my solar panels.

Fortunately, I came in contact with Greg (from My Home Improvements). His team advised me on what was needed to repair the problem and also addressed other drainage problems I was having.

Greg’s team were professional at all times during the repair job and did exactly what they said they would do.

Greg also helped me gain a victory over the energy retailer, with them finally accepting fault and offering compensation.

I would highly recommend My Home Improvements for any roofing restoration, solar panel advice and drainage issues.”

Peter Hanrahan

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