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Aluminium louvres and shutters are stylish additions to any outdoor space. These high-quality, Australian-made products are extremely versatile and offer a great solution for both residential and commercial applications. Made from the best quality materials, the MHI Louvre is the strongest in the industry. It is made to measure in QLD for all Australian conditions, including high winds. Our CL90 is even cyclone-rated.

They are available in all types of fixed blade or adjustable blade combinations including BiFold, Stacker, Hinged and Fixed, and are perfect for windows and doors.

Aluminium Louvres for ALL applications.

MHI Aluminium Louvres, Shutters and Screens are incredibly strong products that are ideal for a host of outdoor applications. Normally used in areas exposed to the elements, they add a stylish look and a practicality to every home, apartment or office, and can be tailor made to suit your needs.

For windows they can be used as a fixed-blade shutter, deflecting and reducing the direct heat from the sun.

Used as a door, you can replace a conventional door with an adjustable bladed door to allow air to flow through while maintaining the security of having the door closed.


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On the subject of security, they can be made almost impregnable by adding blade locks, top and bottom bolts, and even installing it as a door with locks.

Our Aluminium Louvres help you create amazing new living spaces. Manufactured and installed by the expertgs.

On patios, decks or balconies, our beautiful aluminium louvres and shutters can be used to enclose an area, giving you extra living space with the versatility of enclosing or opening it up.

Aluminium louvre screens are a popular solution for privacy issues without restricting airflow, or losing your scenic views. Imagine being able to block the view of nosy neighbours while still allowing the cooling breezes to flow through, thus reducing the brightness and heat of the afternoon sun.

Or close it up to keep the warm air in and use your deck in the middle of winter without your guests freezing, or things being blown about by the wicked westerlies.

We can even create fixed blade versions for privacy screens and keeping the rain out of outdoor patios etc.

There really are very few limits to what we can do with this amazing product, including specific spaces of all shapes and sizes – you pick the shape and we can make it for you.

They are available in almost any colour you can imagine, and the colours can be enhanced by a beautiful powder-coated finish that will not fade and is extremely durable.

A host of applications

Applications are wide and varied with a strong emphasis on balcony enclosures, room dividers and window coverings protection, where privacy and sun shading are required.

Available as a fixed or adjustable blade, these types of aluminium louvres can be mounted directly to the façade of a building or supplied within its own framework.

The adjustable louvre system allows you to control the amount of light and airflow.

If you prefer, you can have them fully closed and even locked for added security.

Aluminium Louvres offer stylish protection from the elements of harsh Australian weather.

External Aluminium Shutters

The aluminium frames and blades can be supplied in anodised or powder-coated finishes, in the colour of your choice.

The 90mm louvre blade was specifically designed and engineered to cope with all types of weather conditions and has been tested for noise, wind load and resistance to wind pressures for cyclone regions.

Ozroll Aluminium Louvre Shutters are custom made to suit your specific requirements and are available in a number of different configurations such as fixed, adjustable, stacking, bi-folding, multi-folds, sliding doors, hinged etc.

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