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Rural solar has a number of different factors. Most rural solar power systems in Australia need to account for the extreme climate they experience. Not all solar components are built to withstand the harsh, dry, dusty environment that a lot of our rural clients find themselves living in.

Unreliable power grids, ‘brown outs’ and blackouts are a constant menace to the lifestyle and working operations of rural properties and businesses. Infrastructure in these locations is often not up to scratch and the team at My Home Improvements are extremely experienced, with literally hundreds of rural solar power installations on properties big and small throughout QLD and NSW.

Is an off-grid solar power system right for you?

Off-grid solar panel systems are becoming a lot more popular as the investment in these systems easily proves a better business case for properties without access to the grid. The cost of diesel for generators has been increasing steadily, whilst the investment in batteries and battery bank has been coming down.

The key considerations for an off-grid solar PV system are reliability and capability. Firstly, having high-quality components ensures ongoing function and reliability, even in the most extreme climate and environment. Not having power is obviously not an option, so investing wisely in quality ensures the lights don’t go out, and the pumps don’t stop pumping. The capability of rural solar panel systems to deal with energy demand spikes from equipment such as pumps, milking machines, air conditioners and other equipment is crucial. This is why planning is a critical part of off-grid solutions – without it you can end up finding yourself in a very undesirable situation that can cost you more in the long run.

Want to know more? Read our informative blog on Solar Power Systems in Rural Areas: Frequently Asked Questions Or download this free explainer:


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