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Guide to the perfect new Colour for your Roof


Roof Restorations Brisbane


So, you’ve decided to have your roof restored to its former glory, but you’re not sure which colour to choose? There are several factors to consider when looking at your colour options, and it’s not always as simple as just picking your favourite! Here are 6 key factors to consider:


  1. The other colours on your home

Without a doubt, the overall colour scheme of your home is a significant factor to consider. You want a roof that fits in with the overall aesthetic of your home, and certainly one that doesn’t clash. So have a look around and take note of existing colours. What colour is your driveway? Your window frames? How about your fence? If you have a beautiful green fence, you’re probably going to want to go with a green roof. If these features of your home are a neutral colour, that will open up your options a bit.



  1. Colour appearance may differ from chart

It’s important to note that the finished product can differ slightly from the colour chart that you choose your colour from. The colour samples shown to you are likely on cardboard and/or surrounded by a white background, which can make it appear darker than it will on your roof. We always recommend that our clients look at the colour samples in full sun, as that is going to be a better representation of what it will look like once it’s on your roof. It’s also worth noting that different roof surfaces can also have an impact on the appearance of the colour, as some surfaces are more porous than others.


  1. Heat reflection properties

Did you know that the colour of your roof affects the way in which it reflects heat? Lighter colours reflect heat and darker colours absorb it, which has an impact on the internal temperature of your home. The difference is even more noticeable if you choose to upgrade to NXT COOL ZONE – a remarkable heat reflecting roof coating that utilises revolutionary Thermal Protection Technology. Not only will this impact the comfortability of your home, but also the amount of money you spend on cooling your home in summer.



  1. Roof and house style and shape

The visibility of your roof is an important factor to consider. A higher and more prominent roof style is obviously going to stand out more than a flat roof, meaning your colour choice will have more of an impact. It’s also worth noting that darker colours will make a roof appear smaller and lighter colours will make it appear larger. So if you want your roof to blend in a little more, a dark colour might be the way to go.  If you have a Hamptons style home then it makes sense to choose a light grey or white colour, whereas an older-style traditional home would likely be better suited to a green or red colour.



  1. What colour has it been and did you like it?

This may seem obvious to some, but what colour is your roof currently? (Or at least when it was in top condition). If you like the colour it already is, there’s no need to fix something that isn’t broken! Choose a similar colour for your restoration and it will take the pain out of the decision for you.


  1. Surrounding environment

The area you live in will have a certain aesthetic that you will most likely want your house to blend in with. If you live in the country, you’ll notice a lot of houses with a red or green roof. In coastal areas there will tend to be a lot of blue or grey colours, and city areas are generally more likely to be neutral colours. Take a drive around your neighborhood and check out what’s around. Not only will it help you to get an idea of what colours are popular in your area, but it will also help you to work out which colours you like and which you don’t like when you see them on someone else’s property.


If you’re still having trouble choosing a colour for your roof restoration, consult the professionals. The company who are carrying out the restoration for you should be able to give you some advice on what colours would best suit your home and the area you live in.


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