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A Hybrid Solar System lets you get all that free energy from the sun during the day, store it in purpose-built batteries and use it to slash your power bill.

With a battery, you can store the excess power you would normally send back to the grid and use it at night.

It’s a terrific alternative to switching to completely off-grid solar, with far less outlay.

Hybrid solar lets you enjoy the ‘best of both worlds’ – the reliable electricity supply of the grid, AND the option of using your own generated power when you so desire. It’s just like your own ‘mini grid’.

Hybrid Solar Systems are more expensive than a standard grid-connected system, however at the rate electricity prices are rising, a hybrid system may quickly pay for itself.

Plus if you have backup capability, you WILL have power if there’s a blackout or the grid fails for any reason.

If you already have a Solar Panel System, it may be possible to add batteries.

We can look at utilising your existing panels and changing your standard grid-connected inverter to a hybrid inverter and adding battery storage as well.


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Hybrid Solar

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