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Need solar for business? Our Commercial Solar Systems can save you a fortune and save money

If you run a small to medium business in Queensland or northern NSW – anything from a farm to a factory, processing plant or warehouse – MHI is the solar panel company that can save you a small to medium fortune.

You know that getting solar for business makes sense.

In some cases, SMEs are paying anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000 a month or more, and electricity prices just keep going up – severely impacting on bottom line profit.

How much can solar save your business?

Electricity retailers used to only charge for the electricity their customers used (charged in cents per KWH), whereas these days they also sting you for peak-demand charges based on spikes at peak-energy periods (charged in $ per KVA per month.)

These peak-demand charges no doubt make up the bulk of your electricity bill, however MHI can help lighten the load.

In fact, the higher your peak-demand billing, the more we can help your business save.

We are confident we can make a HUGE difference – especially if your peak is during the day and/or your business is in a rural area with above average hours of sunshine.

We can also assist with Power Factor Correction to smooth out all the peaks and troughs.

If you have a poor power factor, you’ll be paying significantly higher energy costs, since it means that more current is required to perform the same amount of work. This fix alone can save your business thousands of dollars every month!


Here’s a little helping hand. we offer Finance Options
that can help you get the job done today.

Before we install a commercial solar system, we’ll help you understand your business power bills.

If you’re like most businesses, you won’t ‘get’ all the various charges and fees on your electricity account; you really have to delve into your bill’s ‘fine print’ to understand precisely what you are being charged for.

Our commercial solar experts know exactly how to decipher your company’s power bill and how to create a system for you that will drastically reduce it.

For example, all solar systems are eligible for Small Scale Technology Certificates under the Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Scheme.

While this scheme is still available, as a business, you should take advantage of the potentially massive rebates available. MHI can talk you through the process and make it simple by answering all your questions – don’t be one of the few who miss out.

Or if your business needs a system over 100KW in size, we can also assist with Large Scale Generation Certificates. This scheme is for larger industrial solar energy systems. MHI can assist you with the setup and the installation of the system. Our team of experts can also assist with Large Scale Technology Certificate setup.

Commercial Solar for rented premises

Not your building? Not a problem!

MHI can install commercial solar panels to your rented roof and if ever you decide to move on, you can choose to sell it to the landlord, or we will professionally remove it with ZERO impact on the structure.

Because of our 20 years of expertise in commercial roofing, we guarantee there will be no issues whatsoever. Get your solar installed by high-quality solar tradesmen and experts.

In our experience, commercial landlords are increasingly seeing commercial solar as an extremely positive feature because:

  • It adds value to the property if they keep it, and
  • It helps the tenant to prosper, making the tenancy even more secure.


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