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How to choose the best Patio for your home!


Patio Styles Brisbane


Are you wanting a new patio but not sure what style to get? It can often feel like there are endless options, making it difficult to choose. At My Home Improvements we are authorised Stratco Outback Patio Dealers, meaning we offer the entire Stratco Outback range. Here is a break-down of the different types of patios installed by My Home Improvements.


Cooldek Roofing

Cooldek patios are becoming increasingly popular, especially in Queensland where the heat in summer can be almost unbearable if you’re sitting outside. Cooldek roofing has superior cooling performance which means it keeps the heat out, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living space all year round. It has superior spanning capabilities – up to 7.2m unsupported and is essentially a roof, insulation and ceiling all in one. You can choose between three insulation thicknesses and two roof profiles – flat or gable.


Outback Sunroof

Stratco Sunroof patios are an innovative option for your outdoor space, allowing the breeze and sunlight through when you want it and blocking it out when you don’t. The electronically controlled louvres open and close to suit your needs, with four available settings – all available sun, ventilation with rain protection, closed for rain protection and ventilation with sun protection. An in-built rain sensor means that even if you don’t notice the rain, your furniture and anything else under your patio roof will be protected. Like the Cooldek patios, the Sunroof patios are available in both flat and gable profiles. It can span up to 3.9m in a flat design, or 7.2m in a gable design.


Outback Pergola

A Stratco Pergola allows you an open-air option for your patio. You can leave it completely open or combine it with a shade cloth or shade blade system. Pergolas can be freestanding or attached to your home, or combined with other patio types to create a patio system. Pergola patios have an impressive span of up to 8m.


Outback Heritage

Available in both traditional gable or dutch gable, the Outback Heritage range is ideal for a verandah, carport or patio. It is available either attached to your home or freestanding, and up to 3.6m high. With over 20 colours to choose from, it’s easy to fit in seamlessly with your home.


Outback Curved

The Outback Curved range is also ideal as a verandah, carport or patio. Attach the unit it to your home or combine it with flat roof or pergola sections to form the central feature of a whole system. An Outback Curved patio can be up to 6.6m wide and is available in both multispan and clear span.


Outback Flat

The Outback Flat range is perfect for a smooth, simple and uncluttered look for your verandah, carport or patio. It is ideal as a single unit but can also be incorporated with a gable roof, curved roof or pergola system. With a massive span of up to 8.4m, it is ideal for large areas and can be either freestanding or attached.


Outback Gable

You can combine your Outback Gable with flat roof or pergola sections to make the prominent pitched roof the central hub. Available in both multispan and clearspan, it can be a freestanding unit or attached to your home.


Gazebo and Hip End

You can add the finishing touch to your patio by completing the open end of your gable. These two distinctive styles can be designed to match with your existing architecture and complete your home.


All of these styles are available with My Home Improvements. If you’re considering a patio, verandah or carport for your home and need help choosing the best option for you, contact us today.

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