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What’s the right size Solar System for my home?


Solar Brisbane


It is often difficult for people to know who is best to deal with when it comes to installing Solar power.

Not all installers are created equal and even though you might be comparing a similar product the prices can vary dramatically for the solar system.


The main reason for price variance is often the quality of the workmanship and the skill level of the installer. Senior installers charge a higher rate to install versus junior installers.


This is often a good guide and starting point when deciding which installer to consider.

My Home improvements solar installers are not entry level installers and all have been given “Roof Specific” training by our roof installers to ensure they do not cause any issued on the roof during the installation of Solar Panels.

One of the main complaints consumers make regarding solar installations is the fact that the installers have damaged or caused the roof to leak by installing solar panels.


With 20 plus years experience in Solar installations of all sizes and types – My Home Improvements is well versed and very experienced in the design and installation of the right solar system for you.


Selecting the right solar system is very important. A very common practice is to sell an oversized system to what the client needs. In some cases this is ok and it does build in some extra capacity for later on when Battery Storage is a possible consideration. However putting a massively oversized system on your home when you have a small bill only increases the time it takes to get your return on your investment and you may never realize the systems investment unless you stay in the home for many years.


At the very least you should be given the option and the information to make an informed choice about what size system you should have and also what your other options are.

Choosing the right solar system can take a lot of time and can involve speaking to a lot of people, especially if the people you are speaking to, don’t know what they are talking about.

We strongly advise you only speak to CEC (Clean Energy Council) members. In general they are held to a higher standard than others and in the most part have good systems and good warranty support should you need it.



When it comes to the right Solar components, we advise you select well known and well supported brands.

Having a local office here in Australia helps and will give you peace of minds in a situation where your installer may be unable to assist you with a product failure.

Choosing the right brand of inverter and Solar panel is made easier if you keep this in mind. Remember your investment in solar is a long term investment.


Buying a cheaper system may mean you save money up front. However you may regret that when you consider the savings that a good quality solar system will return to you over 10-20 years and beyond.



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